Valentine’s Day, Minimalist Style

Last year I spent quite a few posts dedicated to Happy Heart Day and the decorations that I made.

This year will not be as involved but more Evolved,  I believe.

In spending time reading and writing and Pinteresting (It’s official, it’s now a verb), you gain more of an idea of your style.  I believe this years project as compared to last years is more my style.

This has been quite the post to try to fit in.  It seems that sick kiddos home from school, basketball games, and cancer runs took priority.  I’m ok with that.  I’m fitting it in now.

I had these doors down in the basement that I had taken off of a buffet that I turned into a media console.  I walked past them the other day and thought they would be great to make into a sign.

I’m so inspired by graphics lately and any time I have a paint brush in my hand there is also a smile on my face.  Combine the two. . . perfect project.

I wanted the sign to have a light base so I tried to use a little bit of leftover chalk paint that I had and added water.  FAIL.

Ok, take two.  White acrylic paint.  Good coverage.

I also knew I wanted it to have color and felt like using some Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint I had.  I mixed a teeny tiny bit of Luckett’s green with Kitchen Scale.  I ended up with more of a minty green which I’m not in love with but sometimes you don’t find these things out until you’re done.

Next I found a font on Word that I liked and printed out letters that were large enough to cover the space on the door.  I don’t know the name of the font because my 10 year old got to the computer before I could make note of it and I’m just in too much of a time crunch to go back and look.

I measured the space I had to cover and kind of eye balled 4 quarters.  Each letter got a quarter.  Then a rub on the backside (of the paper of course) with pastel.  Then I flipped it over, placed it where I liked it, and began to trace the outline with a pencil.  This transferred the letter to the cabinet.

Once they were all transferred I began to paint.  It took me the whole Hotel Transylvania to transfer and paint all the letters.

I took it back to the basement and gave it a good back scratch with some sand paper.  I just love how it turned out in all it’s rePurposed glory.

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  1. Oooh I love that! Now I have to search for a door!

  2. You let me know if you change your mind and want this one!

  3. I LOVE it!!!! Great Job!!!

  4. Show and Tell Saturday is LIVE at Sassy Little Lady! I’d love to have you come join the party!


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  6. So pretty! Love that you still paint the letters individually (that’s how I roll, too). There are so many tutorials out there for using vinyl letters, but yours is so much more intricate! =)